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The Place of Peace Dharma House is situated on the outskirts of Aberystwyth, a coastal town in West Wales.

It serves as a small Buddhist Temple for the local area but its' primary function is as a retreat house for our broader congregation and for those who would like to follow the practice of Serene Reflection Meditation as taught by our Order.

Within the regular daily schedule activities unfold according to the needs of those present, with the emphasis being on a quiet contemplative approach.

PRIOR: Rev. Master Myoho Harris
The Order was founded by one of the first Western female Zen masters, Reverend Master Jiyu-Kennett. She ordained Rev. Master Myoho in 1977 and later named her as a Master of the Order.

Weekend Retreats

These retreats are for those who have already received meditation instruction from a monk or lay minister of our Order. Their flexible framework responds to the individual's needs. Local Sangha are invited to take part as non residents.

Seven Day Retreats

These are open to those who have already attended a weekend retreat at The Place of Peace. Guests may stay for all or part of the week.

    Buddha Statue at The Place of Peace Dharma House    
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